1 of 2 | Low clouds flow smoothly on mountainous Napali coast mountains

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Intervalometry notes: Some of the biggest shield volcanoes on Earth created the Hawaiian island chain, which are completely separate from the main continental plates which shape so much of the rest of our world. As such, it seems fitting for Hawaiian to be an exotic and often otherworldly place. For being so new, the islands are, mostly, so green. The verdant landscapes are covered in jungle all the way to their peaks where the cliffs are nearly sheer. The dense woods are home to so many fruiting plants like mango, tart guava berries and sweet pineapple grown for millennia by the indigenous people. With clouds flowing and appearing to get ‘tripped up’ by this peak near center-frame, fog joins the cloud and vice versa, with no clear boundary between. Every visible air current from the orographic lift effect can be seen on the outer cloud.

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