Looking north from Gullfoss to Nýifoss and sharp hills in the distance under rain clouds in Iceland

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Intervalometry notes: Across a pleasant grassy plain, jagged and young volcanic features are cloaked on and off by rain under heavier clouds. This central point in Iceland is south of Nýifoss, which can be traversed on foot, but is relatively inaccessible. These volcanic landscapes are incredibly common in the east and west of Iceland, but can be observed from the center of the island as well. Iceland receives a lot of annual rainfall, but is usually no colder than New York city due to it’s marine surrounding. The rain feeds countless, innumerable waterfalls that are short-lived after heavy rainfalls. Some canyons are absolutely surrounded by waterfalls after rainy periods. Playback length at 30 fps: 7 seconds and 6 frames.

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