Hovering at sunset into dusk, Sacramento skyline under cirrus, cirro-cumulus after sunset, flowing high elevation clouds

Preview synopsis: An ad-free, 720p, 30 fps preview of this clip to stream and play for your consideration.

Intervalometry notes: At these elevations, clouds are formed with tiny frozen crystals. As the movement is demonstrated in the one most aesthetically pleasing cloud, there is a flowing that is unique to the temperature of the cloud, highlighted with beautiful pinks. Sunsets like these where the sky illuminates clouds ‘from below’ prove the Earth is a sphere and not flat. The sunlight would be abruptly blocked by a sudden end to the Earth’s crust if it ended somewhere in the ocean. Instead, the light goes through more and more atmosphere the higher it reaches into the sky, until the sun sets from the cloud’s perspective as well. Playback length at 30 fps: 10 seconds and 25 frames.

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