Gold storm with majestic mammatus shifts on sunset over ocean time-lapse

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Intervalometry notes: Intricate and delicate, the underside of these clouds are illuminated minutes after the sun has set to the observer. How is this? The sun is below the horizon to the observer, but not to the sky above. At that moment, you would still see the sun if in an airplane at that height. You would be in its light, as are these clouds. Since these clouds are attached to a storm, their altitude could in fact be 30,000 ft or more. This would make sense, due to the low movement of the delicate parts of the cloud, which would have frozen droplets. Some lower clouds that make up lower thunderstorm bodies have a mix of frozen droplets, gaseous vapor, and liquid.

On a sliver of ocean with distant palm trees silhouetted far away, another younger storm is at the right of the lower frame portion. Blue sky persists in an area that homes other colorful clouds at higher altitudes of 45000 feet, or about 15000 m. The sun sets and the ‘mammatus’ clouds from the storm redden. Playback length at 30 fps: 25 seconds and 10 frames.

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