Late day POV looks east on a meadow w/ clouds changing in the distance over barn and minor rainbow

Preview synopsis: An ad-free, 720p, 30 fps preview of this clip to stream and play for your consideration.

Intervalometry notes: An atlas cedar guards over a barn, which seemingly has a small rainbow right next to it in the left portion of the frame. A meadow comprises an eighth of the frame, under growing shade from the setting sun, look west. Observed is a cloud that is raining, known as a ‘cumulonimbus’ cloud. These clouds are chaotic in many ways from the knock-on effects that are local from so much air moving in different directions. It is eventually inevitable that an ‘eddie’ in the sky, or a small vortex, will sometimes form. This funnel-shaped cloud is by no means dangerous, as its spin only resolves to the naked eye in time-lapse. Playback length at 30 fps: 20 seconds and 19 frames.

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