Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

In Montana and Wyoming, two National Parks, as isolated as they are beautiful, are adjacent among the lakes, meadows, and hills. Grand Tetons have as steep and high relief as possible to see in the lower 48, with views similar in Alaska or the lower Sierra Nevada, and peaks that are too steep for almost anyone to climb. Yellowstone, the ancient supervolcano, holds the geyser clips of two other categories, one in the Day and the other in the Dawn and Dusk collection.

Also, mountains like the Grand Tetons are in two of these categories in Dawn and Dusk.

In Night, you’ll find similar clips to these mountains.

Above:Clips in this category will play at 200% of the original timelapse playback speed. Max quality: 2160p. This portfolio video may not be suitable for people who get dizzy or nausea from fast motion. If you experience dizziness or nausea while viewing, consider stopping the video, moving further from the display, or slowing the playback speed with the included player controls. People who have photosensitive epilepsy should not watch clips with flashing or strobing lights. The complete video includes music.