The Golden Loop starts ideally in the morning, purchased a self-guided tour ticket. In Lucerne, after a bus ride from the metro station where the ticket is purchased, steeply ascend many thousands of feet upward in a gondola ride with roughly ten or so others. This takes you to the peak of Mt Pilatus, and its astounding views of the city, lake, and meadows all from one vantage point below above the cumulus clouds. Also, the Alps spread before you in the south from the other vantages, and below, a unique trolley carriage ascends to take you back down when you are ready to a boat that awaits your ferrying back to your starting area in Lucerne. These are some of the same boats you saw from afar so high up on the peak just an hour before.

In 2019, the cost of a ticket for the Golden Loop was about $130/per person and includes four vehicles, two of which are unusual in the States. Overall, its equivalent overall does not exist here in America. A metro train with affordable fare will take you on a quiet and scenic ride back to Zurich, a half an hour or so away, as dusk descends on the countryside around you.

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