Iceland, north

Halló! This may be the only word in Icelandic that is relatively easy to remember. We also really liked every Icelander we encountered. Something about being in the middle of the Atlantic gives a feel of insulation from the world’s problems. 

The north of Iceland has a different, wilder feel than the east and west, even though that’s the area of Akureyri. In the north and northwest are the most Greenland-ish landscapes yet on the island that I’m aware of. Akureyri was founded 1100 years ago by the Nords for summer fishing homes, located at the end of the harbor (which is in the clip at 00:12 but the town is not shown). The largest town outside of the southwest area, and only 100 miles from the arctic circle, it’s one of the warmest parts of Iceland, with an average high of 45°F.

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