Grand Canyon and Canyonlands Utah, Arizona

The southwest is arid, impossible to traverse on foot completely, and beautiful in its own way. Tourists travel from around the globe come to see Grand Canyon, its preservation made possible by the National Parks system, as well as Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, and Arches. These gems scattered through the desert are less seen; they may not be as deeply etched in the earth, but their formations are often, and for the most part unique to the world. The skies are extremely dark at night, with the Milky Way commonly seen with the naked eye, far from the light pollution of the cities.

In Navajo land, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park also stands remote in the rocky wilderness, with reddish monoliths of almost unparalleled size anywhere else on the planet.

Out here in the deep dry, one feels a bit insulated from the world’s madness.

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