These are places where atmospheric water is sent out of the ground in geysers and stored again in the lakes. It’s safe to say these places are a little different for this water since most water molecules in the sky will rain directly into the sea.

In these geyser clips, we see water that was in the atmosphere not long ago heated into a gas and released back into the air, at the magic hours. A random thought: this could be as interesting a time as it gets for the water molecules shown, seeing as how the vast majority of water is in the sea!

Combined with clips in the ‘Thunderstorm’ video (see: Day category), you have illustrations of the hydrological cycle. The videos where lakes, rivers, and geysers appear in the Day category: ‘Tetons and Yellowstone’, ‘Oregon’, ‘Sierra Nevada’, ‘Yosemite’, and ‘Non-descript locations’.

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