Cumulus & similar clouds

Lower, ‘fluffy’, clouds. These are named after the Latin word for the appearance of a cloud accumulating, or bunching up. Cumulus clouds are mostly lower-level clouds, but cumuliform clouds are convective at all levels. When they become more convective, with heat and cooling cycling from their density and sun/land heating, they become towering and then into cumulonimbus as the cooled air from the shaded dense areas and water is pulled to the ground as precipitation. Clouds in this video are light-to-medium dense and not more than 4800 ft.

It’s interesting to point out how often times the lower clouds move in the opposite direction of the upper-level clouds. Sometimes, it seems these lower cumulus clouds have a mind of their own, with every water droplet influenced by the other droplets and movements of air on the smallest levels, moving in complex patterns; I think it’s this reason why so many players have issues playing time-lapse smoothly and correctly. The amount of data needed is higher than normal video for the same quality, all other things being equal.

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