The Sierra Nevada and Yosemite Park

You’ll find Mt. Whitney, the highest in the continental 48 states, among these. These clips have some similar takes from the same day, but like all my clips, I try to make sure there is something interesting to take note of.

In the winter when there is snow on the ground is the best time to venture into these wilds. And when the clouds get hung on the cliffs, you will find out whether the area is for you or not.

To see more of the Sierra Nevada, make sure to also visit the Night (Over mountains) and Dawn & Dusk (both On mountains and the Landscapes) categories. The lone and fairly symmetrical and massive Mt Shasta, also in California, is in its own category video as well!

The Sierra Nevadas contain Yosemite N.P., which has its own video in the Day category. 

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