Oregon interior and coast with ocean

A few Crater Lake and other clips not in this video are in the Freshwater collection, part of the Day category.

Oregon is a diverse state, geographically especially. The west has the Pacific Ocean and foothills, the west interior is a mix of forests and valleys in the west, and a high desert in the majority and east. Portland is in the northwest, next to Mt Hood and the Columbia River, which is born in Canada across Washington. The Cascades mountain range divides these systems in the west half, where nearly everyone lives, underneath stratiform clouds for at least six months a year. 

Essentially, the must-visit place would be Crater Lake National Park in the southeast, an hour and a half from the highway. A vastly deep, blue, and beautiful lake, utterly pristine, save for the road that circles around it. 

Eugene, in the western valley, was where I stayed during my five years there, and in the Precipice categories -included in the Dawn and Dusk category- Spencer Butte was where I would go to get above the clouds nearly every time. Mt June was mainly the other place, farther north, nearer Corvalis, at 4600 ft this was more commonly above real coast layer clouds- but much farther for me personally to travel.

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