Fog layers as well as bridges

Note: Most of my fog and mist footage is in the Dawn and Dusk, Precipice.

Mist is easily formed over the ocean, especially in the winter when the air is cooler than the ocean. As it happens, the Golden Gate Bridge connects the two extremes of San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean just on the west side of the bridge, so fog is very commonplace here.

Those who sail their boats for recreation here on the weekend usually turn around for the safe harbor after getting just a glimpse of the wild sea, satisfied to not push their luck further. They have sailed to see the underside of the bridge and the vast ocean just beyond, with no continent for over seven thousand miles. The bridge is indeed a gateway to a sea larger than full comprehension with no land larger than some volcanic islands which are smaller than nearly any of our states; Hawaii being among the smallest.

Not all these scenes, it should be noted, have a bridge!

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