Time-lapse information, for the uninitiated

Time-lapse offers an otherworldly view of the environment, and ever since entering the public’s perception in Koyaanisqatsi, many audiences are pleased to see time-lapse in various creations they encounter.

B-roll selection can energize your production value. If you’re new to this collection, you may want to even visit the homepage first to get a feel for the footage library and its various offerings as well as jump right into individual clip previewing. Over 630 clips are free to browse in HD, ad-free.

To quickly find specific clips and quickly watch them, see the homepage, use search (top of this page) or any of the category or ‘tag’ pages. You’ll find organized sub-categories, clip lengths and scene descriptions.

Archives on YouTube

Past YouTube videos, montages, and silent, can be accessed through the links in the video player (older videos may be pre-remaster 2.0).

Above: All Collections – Abridged – Musical – Link to YouTube video (up to Ultra HD)

Above: All Dawn and Dusk – Unabridged – Silent – Link to YouTube video (up to Ultra HD)

Royalty-free time-lapse stock footage of our skies since 2005.

A partial list of companies that have licensed my footage includes: Aardman Animations, National Geographic TV, Viacom, Warner Brothers, Groupe Canal+, parent company of Studio Canal, and many other companies worldwide.

What is SkyTimelapse, and why does it exist?

Finding the right footage for your project:

The search feature (top menu) allows you to specify the time-lapse footage you’re looking for. Alternatively, use the drop down menu at the top of the page, where clips are sorted by place, time, and sky. Lastly, popular clip tags are positioned in the right sidebar, and links in the footer have the site’s policies.

Individual previews and collection files (above, where all clips of each main category are organized into a file make previewing this footage easy) are available. The homepage utilizes quick-streaming individual clip previews. Or, above and on YouTube (external site and new window), you have different options to download, share, or stream the collection of your choice.

Ultra HD downloads are recommended for advanced users with system specs capable of 4K playback. Full HD downloads are optimal for most viewers who have a 1080p display. These Ultra HD preview files are 28 Mbps, but the licensed MXF files are 280 Mbps and have even greater detail. The cloud provider for these files: OneDrive. 1drv.ms is the domain name Microsoft owns to offer these files. All previews for your consideration contain watermarks, licensed files are separate downloads, and there are no ‘license keys’ involved in the process.

YouTube makes it easy to share and stream in resolutions up to, and including, Ultra HD, but the above cloud-hosted files are ad-free and offer download options of the complete, twice-remastered library. For viewers willing to download and locally play files, the above cloud files are ideal.

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