Night Collection

The night sky is bright in long-exposure time-lapse.

The collection consists of Night, Day, and Dawn and Dusk.

Time-lapse of the night sky: collected from frames with exposures over seconds instead of the usual hundredths during the day. There are similar, but not identical, clips.

Download and share the collection, including Dawn & Dusk, as well as Day, now in Ultra HD.

Day-to-night (& into day) transitions

This contains Mt. Shasta, Lake Tahoe, Mt. Rainier, the Alabama Hills, & San Francisco. These day-to-night transitions are of varying speeds and lengths… read more

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The Moon and Optical Effects

The full moon is easily bright enough to create a halo around it when water vapor forms a thin cloud at the right altitude… read more

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The Galactic Cloud

The galaxy appears to our observations to be a giant saucer shape since our solar system is inside a relatively pancake-shaped spiral of stars and a growing number of other found solar systems…. read more

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Storms of the dark, light flashes

The arch in the Alabama Hills near Mount Whitney at night shows a hole into the sky resembling a portal… read more

Note: Flashing, strobing lights in Storms of the dark and Aurora Borealisread more

View all Storms of the Dark

Skylines of cities

Above cities, planes taxi to land or ascend after takeoff, their speeds far slower than when they are at cruising altitude. You will find cities in Day-to-night transitions as well…. read more

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Over mountains

Certain clips use wide-open apertures to capture more color from stars and moonrises on the mountains. Exceptionally, with these open apertures… read more

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Over a populated landscape, a canyon, or a lake

Mono Lake is made of extra salty and alkaline water, adding to the formation of unique tufas, which are limestone monoliths formed from springs and vents mixing with this kind of water…. read more

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Arches, monoliths, comets, other landscapes

The arch in the Alabama Hills near Mount Whitney at night shows a hole into the sky resembling a portal… read more

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Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights

What makes seeing the aurora borealis so special? It is not easy to describe the northern lights with words, in any way. In the context of the winter night in the wild woods… read more

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