The night sky is bright and full of wonder

Time-lapse of the night sky, collected from frames with exposures over seconds instead of the usual hundredths during day. Some clips are moonlit. Clips with yellow-red tinted clouds are near city lights. Green clouds are Aurora. There are similar but not identical clips.

Watch quality 10 bit 4K & 1080 previews or browse all clips, videos on this page are for fast previewing.

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Arches Monoliths, Comets, Landscapes
Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights
Over a populated landscape, canyon, & lake
Over mountains
Day to Night (to day) transitions
Skylines of cities
Storms of the dark- light flashes
The Galactic Cloud
The Moon and optical effects

Flashing, strobing lights in Storms of the dark and Aurora Borealis. Consider scaling parts down as part of a composite (à la the intro of Godzilla vs Kong external sites)

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