Night Collection

The night sky is bright

Time-lapse of the night sky, collected from frames with exposures over seconds instead of the usual hundredths during the day. There are similar, but not identical, clips.

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The galactic cloud

Aurora Borealis

Day-to-night transitions

Storms of the dark (flashes)

Over mountains

Skylines of cities

Over a forest, canyon, and lake

Comet, arch, monoliths, desert

The moon with optical effects around it

Player speed hints: Play one, pause one, repeat as desired.

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Day to Night (or to Day) Transitions

The Moon and Optical Effects

The Galactic Cloud

Note: Flashing, strobing lights in Storms of the dark and Aurora Borealis.

Storms of the Dark, Light Flashes

Skylines of Cities

Over Mountains

Over a Populated Landscape, a Canyon, and Lake

Arches Monoliths, Comets, Landscapes

Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights