About Skytimelapse

A solo operation, this website is the sole proprietorship of Tim Kronberger, the individual behind these videos. Established in 2005 with its first license sale, it’s been a unique journey ever since! 

Since the beginning I have used a standard royalty free, non-exclusive stock footage business model. Only recently has the footage been remastered at 4K and in late ’21 is on offer to the public.

DRM-free, no watermarks

All footage has no digital rights management features or watermarks built into the files to annoy legitimate users. Pre-licensed clip previews do have watermarks.

Resolution, framerate, and other technical specs

The base price shown on a clip’s page is for SD (standard definition) files. When you update your clip selection to license by selecting different specs on that same page, the price will update and show you on the spot the selected spec and price for that spec. ProRes 4444 XQ 10 Bit Quicktime files are provided.

Differing framerates with variable speeds are offered. This is because the clips do not need to conform to any standard ‘real-time’, eliminating any need for unnecessary frame-blending.

All footage can be licensed in 4K except for those few clips which specify as such; those have the 4K purchase option removed.

Help with cart or assistance with site

This site is no different than other secure shopping carts using SSL and a secure shopping payment gateway for credit cards. The site’s checkout process is secured with fully updated encryption and CMS processes. You can checkout online just as you would most other shopping websites; during checkout you’ll be directed to accept the license agreement before your order can be placed.

Multimedia services

As primarily a stock footage provider this website does not prepackaged services to checkout with. Since every job will be so different contact for a request for proposal. 

Non-expiring orders, zero subscriptions

Put simply: your license to use the footage does not have any expiration date, there are absolutely no subscriptions or other hidden fees; any applicable taxes should be calculated automatically at checkout. 

If you require special handling such as taxes which are not calculated at checkout, send me a message.

Guarantee to protect your payment info

I do not use your billing information for anything other than order support, and this site is designed to work fully to PCI (payment card industry) standards. I’m committed to providing a safe and secure experience. You may need to accept cookies from this site for checkout to work as it should.

How to view 4K (or HD) footage

For previewing and viewing with no music the complete selection: Any Click into a product clip’s page from a category page (see menu above). 

Videos hosted on these pages above YouTube are at 720p for previewing or downloading the marked copies to assist in your decisions. The YouTube player is capable of streaming 4K: you must select the resolution. See the gear icon in the player for ‘quality’. In some areas this option may not be available at all times.

Pre-order and Order support

Please contact me using this form or the phone number on the bottom of this page or following screen.

Also: I can remove individual frame distractions such as birds from licensed clips at no charge if you establish contact ahead of the order to confirm a reasonable turnaround time.

Same or next day digital delivery

I will endeavor to digitally deliver the licensed footage via an email over a cloud based link the same day.

For 60 FPS 4K clips that is often within the same business hour (pacific coast times). Other FPS or resolutions usually in 24 hours. If this is not possible it is more likely the delivery will be next business day. On the off-chance your order fulfillment will take longer you will receive an email or contact from me with an exact time frame.

Uses (and not accepted) uses

If you do intend to complete the checkout process to use the footage, it’snecessary that you read the section regarding use cases before checking out with the footage. This includes resale outside the bounds of the agreement, illegal usage and purpose. This message is directed especially at social media users: you may not use this footage in any project for any malicious purpose or intent, direct or not. This definition does not cover all purposes that are malicious, but the meaning and usage must be agreed upon in order to complete checkout.

Non-exclusive use only without elevated license

To be clear, you are purchasing the right to use the video(s), you do not ‘own’ the rights to the video exclusively or other way.

Elevated licenses [updated 2022]

An elevated license is a broad category of license that allows you to arrange with me the agreement to re-distribute the footage or use the footage in a way outside the normal terms of the licensing agreement. Purchasing for exclusive use will remove the footage from sale on this site. The way to initiate talks for elevated licensing is by reaching out. Any clip that has been licensed already with the standard license can’t be ‘exclusively’ licensed but may still be for other purposes with an elevated license for resale purposes. Update 2022: Elevated licenses are no longer offered.