Find moments of stillness and serenity in the outer wilds’ forests. When the sun shines on fog and is shadowed by trees, sun rays are visible to the naked eye. These highlights are very bright, but hide few details and are beautiful to behold. As the sun moves through the scene, the rays shift. If the fog falls in elevation (Clip STL053), you’ll see the rays fall; if the fog becomes too thick you will see the rays disappear, the light obstructed by too many suspended water molecules higher than perspective. If you boil a pot of water in front of blinds at the right time of day you’ll see the same sun ray effect. When the wind blows in these, you may see shadows shift outside their motion with the sun. Some clips use motion controlled rigs, some use digital ‘pan and scan’, or both.

The reddish tinted fog in dusk sequences like Clip STL024 is from the water molecules ‘taking on’ or catching the scattering effect (external website- photographer’s note: I’m not a physicist, we’ll just have to take their word for it) of the atmosphere; light during sunsets and sunrises passes through much more atmosphere when the sun is low on the horizon. Red has the longest wavelength of visible light.

More dusk and dawn sequences or more fog clips are available in the other collections.

A few scenes, such as Clip STL410, Clip STL568, Clip STL569 are not under a tree canopy but are mostly trees; the rest are under canopy. You can find trees scattered throughout the Night and ‘Above’ Light collections as well, those clips are not under tree canopies like this collection’s main attribute.

A few clips like Clip STL045 and 406 are similar but not identical, taken within moments of one another.

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Light rays/sun rays through fog, afternoon morning and sunset

Late afternoon forests

Moving through the forest flowers

Day forests, rivers, mushrooms, icicles and frost

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Number of clips in this collection with playback less than 10 seconds in playback length: 25

Number of clips 10-19 seconds in playback length: 33

Number of clips 20-32 seconds: 10

Composites in this collection: 0

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