From echoes, a moment of stillness

Find moments of stillness and serenity in the outer wilds’ forests. When the sun shines on fog and is shadowed by trees, sun rays are visible to the naked eye. These highlights are very bright, but hide few details and are beautiful to behold. As the sun moves through the scene, the rays shift. If the fog falls in elevation , you’ll see the rays fall; if the fog becomes too thick you will see the rays disappear, the light obstructed by too many suspended water molecules higher than perspective. If you boil a pot of water in front of blinds at the right time of day you’ll see the same sun ray effect. When the wind blows in these, you may see shadows shift outside their motion with the sun. Some clips use motion controlled rigs, some use digital ‘pan and scan’, or both.

More dusk and dawn sequences or more fog clips are available in the other collections.

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Watch Forest above with music by Peppsen (720p, 60 fps). For the complete collection without music transitions, see the next section. Footage is available in most formats, framerates, speeds for your next multimedia project.

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The tagline of this page (from echoes, a moment of stillness) was inspired by the album of the similar name by Stellardrone (After Echoes and a Moment of Stillness).

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