Sunsets and sunrises seen at speeds of about 75-150 normal times speed of real time. View skyscapes that have little to no horizon. Light rays and shadowing scenes as well as close-ups are below. Evening and early morning oceans, geysers and lakes, mountains, western landscapes, as well as mostly tree scenes are also in this collection. Additionally there are city and far above cloud scenes.

There are many more sunset events in ‘Above’ Light.

The external Drive site offers downloadable previews, SD, HD & 4k resolutions, and more. See 4K minimum specifications and viewing tips


With rays

Suns close up

Oceans, geysers, lakes


Mostly trees

Western landscapes (Desert Utah and Arizona, northwest and Yosemite as well as Yellowstone, Banff et al

Cities and high above and away from clouds

“Old school” Sunsets were captured pre 2009 and can be licensed for a discounted rate

Thumbnail previews and searchable tags are on the way.

Number of clips in this collection with playback less than 10 seconds in playback length: 44

Number of clips 10-19 seconds in playback length: 39

Number of clips 20 seconds to 2 minutes in length: 15

Composites in this collection: 0

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