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Majestic and fleeting, practically ephemeral…

Time does fly, especially at magic hour. Explore the skies when the dark turns light and vice-versa.

Silent and vibrant, these potentially useful magic hour clips are beautiful and majestic.

Including Precipice, select from over 200 clips and nearly as many scenes.

Many different speeds are available throughout.
You may also choose to speed the clips up to your liking once licensed, or with the YouTube player when previewing.

Sunsets and sunrises are seen at speeds of about 3-300 normal times speed of real-time.

Download and share the whole collection, as well as Night and Day, now in Ultra HD.


Travel everywhere at once. You will find Montana, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and California in these… read more

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Only skies

The United States is maybe the best country in the world for sunsets, owing to the fact that it has the south and southwest, the Rockies to influence magic hour, and the mid-west has the great plains and storms… read more

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Mostly skies

This includes the first drone sunsets and sunrises. The other category with drone sunsets is the ‘On landscapes’ in this Dawn and Dusk category…. read more

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Geysers, a lake, or a river

A geyser and a thunderstorm are very similar things in some aspects. Molecularly they are practically identical, made of almost pure fresh water, and being driven upward a ways into the atmosphere… read more

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Light rays through clouds

It appears humidity is vital for visible light rays, as is something dense enough to create a contrasting shadow. Otherwise, there’s only a non-descript, soft glow… read more

Viewing all Light rays, read more

Sun close-ups (telephoto)

It is known to be atmospheric refraction that changes the shape as the sun passes through more and more atmosphere as the Earth spins it into the observer’s horizon… read more

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Slow and calm while above- this hints at the speed and mood of the scenes in these clips, as locations vary greatly. Similar clips exist in other categories… read more

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Time falling on a mountain

The mountains of Day include Shasta and Rainier (solo mountains of the northwest), The Sierra NevadaAspens and fall treesand Yosemite. There are also mountains in the Day to Night transitions, above… read more

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After a moment of daylight above the fog

After a moment of light- this hints at the general brevity of these clips included in this category… read more

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All the way to dusk above the fog

Note this category was originally in a standalone (Precipice) before being included in Dawn and Dusk and refers to being above clouds at dawn and dusk… read more

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Edge of fog and mist

There are three other videos in this Dawn and Dusk category and one in the Day category with clips above the fog. The majority of these clips in particular were taken in Oregon’s west & California, on Mt Tamalpais…. read more

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Above the stratus and the mist

At 4000 ft above ground level, the denser fog that forms around 3000 feet looks more like clouds, and in the wind, the visible humidity levels change like clouds that form much higher up where the winds are more significant… read more

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Slow and calm above the fog

Slow and calm while above- this hints at the speed and mood of the scenes in these clips. These clips are all above the fog… read more

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Short and vibrant, swift winds above the fog

The clips in this video are all above or near the height of the clouds, with generally faster movements than in the other videos similar to this… read more

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