The Day has the most choice with over 220 clips to choose from. With so many and so much diversity, use any of these in your project for intro, expositional, interstitial, or end scenes, as well as for graphical backgrounds, loops and more.

Cumulus, altocumulus, stratus, cirrus, those previews are previewed below in the first window where you can stream or download lower fidelity 8 bit files.

Thunderstorms both with and without landscapes, in which heat is demonstrated as the primary lift of water in cumulonimbus.

Involving Earth’s crust, California has the Sierra Nevada mountain range with Yosemite National Park as well as Mt. Shasta, not to mention the Golden Gate bridge.

The Canadian National Parks Banff and Jasper are renown for their mountainous beauty.

Hawaii’s Big Island with Mauna Kea and Oahu.

Iceland is a majestic island nation in the northern Atlantic that has clips here from the north and east two of which are aerial. Further into mainland EU there’s Switzerland: Zurich and Mt Pilatus by Lucerne (with its practically one of a kind trolley system).

Oregon, Utah and Arizona’s Grand Canyon, and other canyons of the west, are showcased. There’s also the aptly named Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in Wyoming and Montana.

There are several landscapes that could be described as almost ‘any place‘ for use in any project. Of course, also see the skies only for a truly anywhere feeling.

Optical rainbows and halos are included as well as water scenes, both with geysers and freshwater as well as the ocean.

Watch quality 10 bit 4K & 1080 previews or browse all clips, videos on this page are for fast previewing.

Day (above) includes 211 clips, 84 of which are shown in the music video above, the rest can be seen below and on the selection page.

Cumulus and other fair weather clouds

‘Anywhere’ landscapes

Canada, Jasper and Banff Park mountain ranges

For full HD and 4K clip sales, bird/plane removal from frames is available as a free service by request.

Colorado mountains and red rocks

Earthborn, geysers and fresh water, ice

Fog layers- also see Precipice collection

Grand Canyon, Utah, Arizona

Fog layers and bridge, the ‘Golden Gate’

Hawaii, Big Island, Oahu

You can also watch quality 10 bit 4K & 1080 previews or browse all clips, videos on this page are for fast previewing.

Iceland, east and west

Iceland, north

Lenticular clouds, lens

Optical illusions, rainbows, halos, and bows on waterfalls

Oregon interior and coast with ocean (also see: Forest)

Mt. Shasta in Ca. and Mt. Rainier in Wa. (solo mountains)

Switzerland: Zurich and Mt Pilatus

The Sierra Nevada and Yosemite Park, California

Virga from altocumulus

Thunderstorms, cumulonimbus clouds, rain

Yellowstone and Teton National Parks (also see geyser clips)

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