Day Collection

The Day has the most choice with over 220 clips to choose from. Enough diversity in colors and grading to use these in your project for intro, expositional, interstitial, or end scenes, as well as for graphical backgrounds, loops and more.

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‘Any Place’ Landscapes

Canada, Jasper and Banff Park Mountain Ranges

Colorado Mountains and Red Rocks

Cumulus and Other Similar Cloud Types

Geysers, Fresh Water, Ice (also see: Yellowstone)

Fog Layers and Bridges

Grand Canyon, Utah, Arizona, and Nearby Places

Hawaii, Big Island, Oahu, Kauai

Iceland, East and West

Iceland, North

Lenticular Clouds, Lens

Optical Illusions, Rainbow

Oregon Interior and Coast (also see: Forest)

Shasta in California and Rainier in Washington: The Mountains


Sierra Nevada and Yosemite National Park

Thunderstorms, Cumulonimbus and Rain

Virga From Altocumulus