To see only clouds: Cumulus, altocumulus, stratus, cirrus, those previews are previewed below. California and Colorado are grouped together. The Canadian National Park Banff is here, as is Hawaii, Iceland, Oregon and Washington, Utah and Arizona, Yellowstone and Yosemite. If you wish to see thunderstorms and cumulonimbus, there are some with and without landscapes. Optical rainbows and halos are included as well as water scenes.

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California and Colorado

Canadian Rockies (Banff)

Hawaii (also see Above Light)

Iceland and Switzerland

Only clouds: Cumulus, altocumulus, stratus, cirrus, others

Optical effects: Rainbows and halos

Oceans, lakes, geysers

Oregon and Washington

There are a few clips at or above fog level not in the ‘Above‘ collection (STL258, 262, 264,454,479,573), but are fairly far from the point of view. Some clips such as STL582 and 247 may be similar but were taken at different times.

Thunderstorms and towering cumulus clouds without landscapes (also see Night Storms):

Thunderstorms with landscapes:

Utah and Arizona (Bryce Canyon, Arches, Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, Monument Valley)

The Golden Gate Bridge(Also see Dusk and Dawn as well as Night Light)

The ‘Y’s: Yellowstone and Yosemite

Old school day light

These are clips that were shot 2009-prior and are available for licensing at discounted rates.

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Number of clips in this collection with playback less than 10 seconds in playback length: 49

Number of clips 10-19 seconds in playback length: 73

Number of clips 20-59 seconds: 44

Number of clips 60+ seconds: 5

Composites in this collection: 1