Day Collection

Cloud worlds of the daylight. Time-lapse footage for use in digital projects.

The Day has the most choice with hundreds of clips to choose from. Enough diversity in colors and grading to use these in your project for intro, exposition, interstitial, or end scenes, as well as for graphical backgrounds, loops, and more.

You can also see all clips of Day on one page with the quick viewer.
Download and share the whole collection, including Night, as well as Dawn & Dusk, now in Ultra HD.

‘Non-descript’ Landscapes

These clips could be used for ‘almost anywhere’ scenes. When you seek a clip that does not have any specific geography that sets it apart from many other places… read more

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Canada, Jasper, and Banff Park Mountain Ranges

Watching these makes me want to go back to this country again for these mountains by themselves…. read more

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Colorado Mountains and Red Rocks

Featured in this category, Pike’s Peak is the 2nd tallest mountain in the U.S. that can be driven to the very top, which has a 360-degree view… read more

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Cumulus and Other Similar Cloud Types

Lower, ‘fluffy’, clouds. These are named after the Latin word for the appearance of a cloud accumulating, or bunching up…. read more

View all Cumulus and mixed lower clouds

Geysers, Fresh Water, Ice (also see: Yellowstone)

Many of these locations are also in the Day category. These are places where atmospheric water is sent out of the ground in geysers and stored again in the lakes… read more

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Fog Layers and Bridges

As it happens, the Golden Gate Bridge connects the two extremes of San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean just on the west side of the bridge, so fog is very commonplace here…. read more

View all Fog and bridges

Grand Canyon, Utah, Arizona, and Nearby Places

The southwest is arid, impossible to traverse on foot completely, and beautiful in its own way. Tourists travel here from around the globe to see Grand Canyon… read more

View all Utah and Arizona

Hawaii, Big Island, Oahu, Kauai

Hawaii is proof positive that the plates our continents and islands form on are moving around on a sea of the mantle; as the crust’s layers move, hotspots from the Earth push up over millions of years… read more

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Iceland in the east and west

Iceland is one of the most beautiful and pristine countries in the world. The air is fresh, virtually everywhere, at all times…. read more

View all Iceland in the East and West

Iceland in the north

Something about being in the middle of the Atlantic gives a feel of insulation from the world’s problems… read more

View all Iceland, north

Lenticular Clouds, Lens

Lens-like, ‘lenticular’ clouds are often seen on partly cloudy days during high winds, especially (in the northern hemisphere) on the east side of mountainous places like by the southern… read more

View all Lenticular lens clouds

Optical Illusions, Rainbow

Rainbows can be created in the rain of a cloud or waterfall and depend on clear lines of sight between the observer and water… read more

View all Optical illusions

Oregon Interior and Coast (also see: Forest)

A few Crater Lake and other clips not in this video are in the Freshwater collection, part of the Day category… read more

View all Oregon

Shasta in California and Rainier in Washington: The Mountains

Although the highest mountain in the continental 48 is Mt Whitney in the Sierra Nevadas, two of the most complete Cascadian solo mountains in these 48 states are… read more

View all Shasta


The Golden Loop starts ideally in the morning, purchased a self-guided tour ticket. In Lucerne, after a bus ride from the metro station where the ticket is purchased… read more

View all Switzerland

Mountains of Sierra Nevada and Yosemite National Park

You’ll find Mt. Whitney, the highest in the continental 48 states, among these. These clips have some similar takes from the same day, but like all my clips, I try to make sure there is something interesting to take note of…. read more

View all Sierra Nevada and Yosemite

Thunderstorms, Cumulonimbus and Rain

The most dangerous cloud – the disastrous force known as the tornado is always attached to one – they are also the most breathtaking in clear conditions, where water can be seen rising… read more

View all Thunderstorms

Towering clouds

Clouds that make no rain but climb taller than their base width are called ‘cumulus congestus clouds, their next stage would be producing measurable rain that reaches the ground… read more

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Virga From Altocumulus

Conventionally, virga is known as rain that dries up as it falls, beyond the density needed to be visible… read more

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Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming and Montana

In Montana and Wyoming, two National Parks, as isolated as they are beautiful, are adjacent among the lakes, meadows, and hills. Grand Tetons… read more

View all Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Suspended light rays

Oregon’s forests, while not getting quite enough rain to be rainforests per se, can be extremely lush and beautiful. Surrounding the settled valleys of the west half of the state… read more

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Winter forests

Frost on trees can catch the evening sunlight as well as snow. Misty fog is commonly associated with cold, stable air masses…. read more

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Moving through the flowers

This includes the first drone sunsets and sunrises. The other category with drone sunsets is the ‘On landscapes’ in this Dawn and Dusk category…. read more

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Shadows of the trees

The sun moving in the sky causes the tree shadows to move on the forest floor. The further from the equator,… read more

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