Since 2005, SKYTIMELAPSE has offered new royalty free time-lapse files (now over 560 4K clips and counting) and services to creatives and companies the world over.

Previews are categorized by time: Dawn/Dusk, Day, Night and general location: Forests and Above (clouds) page play at ten to twenty times the speed of each time lapse clip, which range from 50-150x real time speed or greater.

Information such as technical specs, proof requests, checkout, delivery methods and times, license info, and a glossary is available.

APRIL 2021 update: It’s that time again where the site gets a redesign to be equipped with the latest for video delivery and standard updates. Until then, the Drive site is below until the new site is finished up.

Toll free customer service phone hours: 9am-5pm PST M-F.