Since 2005, SKYTIMELAPSE has offered new royalty free time-lapse files (now over 560 4K clips and counting) and services to creatives and companies the world over.

Capable 4K systems: Allow any download to complete and open the .zip file to find the video file. See notes about 4K HEVC viewing.

High Definition screens with 1920×1080 resolution: Allow the HD download to complete and open the video file on your computer locally. 10 bit HEVC files do have compatibility issues for older systems (for Windows 10, the ‘Movies and TV’ app works). Please see the collection pages for previews that have a wider compatibility.

Information such as technical specs, proof requests, checkout, delivery methods and times, license info, and a glossary is available.

July 2021 update: Royalty free stock footage licensing through this site available 8/21. To manually order, please call.

Toll free customer service phone hours: 9am-5pm PST M-F.