Royalty-free in perpetuity: time-lapse footage of our skies.

Choose from any of the most popular resolutions or frame-rates and have the licensed footage delivered to your email inbox as links. The license never expires and you never have any subscription fees to pay.

Over 630 Ultra HD time-lapse clips for creatives and companies everywhere.

Quickly search hundreds of stock footage clips to find the right scene. Sort by time of day, place, and sky type, or see them all below.

Browse ad-free HD previews of all clips from the Day, Dawn and Dusk, as well as Night collections!

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Use short time span time-lapses to emphasize the smallest changes, expanding the visual aesthetic of your project to new levels.

Since 2005, SkyTimelapse has been a provider of time-lapse stock footage, first in HD, now Ultra HD!

Silent and vibrant, potentially the perfect footage for your next project. Assets for backgrounds, interstitial or expository scenes, and more.

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