Time-lapse: Royalty-free, perpetual stock footage licensing

Since 2005, Skytimelapse has offered time-lapse files (now 570 4K clips) and services to creatives and companies the world over. See what made Skytimelapse ahead of its time.

As a stock footage sole-proprietorship, this site licenses footage for use in nearly any multimedia project.

New montages for 2022

Montage reels as demonstrational uses of footage.

Important notice

Closed indefinitely. Sunrise, sunset.

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Step into time-lapse

For use in a wide variety of multimedia applications.

238 Day sequences in total to shine a bright light on your next multimedia project. Scenes for backgrounds, loops, and much more. To see the entire selection, go to Day

76 Night time-lapse sequences will be there for those transitions from light to dark or to showcase the unknown, space, and the galaxy. Go to Night to see the entire selection.

178 Sunsets and Sunrises of varying lengths, speeds, and tones to add majesty or mood and atmosphere to your work. Go to 178 Dawn and Dusk hyper-speed sequences

52 Forest time-lapses for the natural ambiance and aura of the woods in the fog, or trees in all seasons. Where trees block the sky but the light rays find a way into the deep wild: Go to 52 Forest time-lapse scenes

Newly updated montage videos of the four selections are here:

Day, Dawn & Dusk, Night, and Forests with new instrumental musicals!

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