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From 2005-2017, Skytimelapse offered royalty-free time-lapse files, over 630 4K clips, to creatives and companies the world over.

Closed indefinitely, the website remains open to your exploration. View ad-free 720p previews on individual clip pages, or Ultra HD collections with YouTube.

Day | Dawn and Dusk | Night

In 2005 I made an agreement with another small stock company named Creatas the use of my footage as a non-exclusive licensor; when Creatas was purchased by larger companies repeatedly, I was able retain the rights to license my footage.

Licensing to the individual creator to the largest of media enterprises of stock footage for use in projects as assets for backgrounds, interstitial scenes, and other versatile purposes.

This time-lapse has been recently remastered into Ultra HD, immersive montages.

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The entire time-lapse collection is here, now in Ultra HD:

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Video synopsis: 2 hour, 20 minute collection video. Includes Commentary with music.

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World music credit

Day, Dawn & Dusk, Night, and Forests with new instrumental musicals for 2022!

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Newly updated montage videos of the collection!