Since 2005, SKYTIMELAPSE has offered new royalty free time-lapse files (now over 560 4K clips and counting) and services to creatives and companies the world over.

September 2021 musical instrumental videos of the five selections are here!

Dawn & Dusk, Day, Night, Forest, and Precipice instrumentals:

Watch Precipice above with music by Peppsen (720p, 60 fps).
Watch Dawn and Dusk above with music by Peppsen (720p, 60 fps). Music is used with permission, and is composed and performed by Peppsen (FI).
Watch Forest above with music by Peppsen (720p, 60 fps). For the complete collection without music transitions, see the next section. Footage is available in most formats, framerates, speeds for your next multimedia project.
Day (above) includes 211 clips, 84 of which are shown in the music video above, the rest can be seen below and on the selection page.
View all of Night or see the musical instrumental above.

Stream the complete selection

For online viewing. Speed controls are available. Non-musical:

Watch all 4K Precipice clips
Also available now: Musical intros for all five selections, View the Precipice music video below

Watch quality 10 bit 4K & 1080 previews or browse all clips.

August 2021 update: Online checkout is available soon. To order, please call.

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