Royalty-free perpetual stock footage licensing and portfolio

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Due to the nature of fast motion videos, the portfolio video may not be suitable for people who get dizzy or nausea from fast motion.

Over 630 4K time-lapse clips for creatives and companies the world over.

In 2005 I made an agreement with another small stock company named Creatas the use of my footage as a non-exclusive licensor; when Creatas was purchased by larger companies repeatedly, I was able retain the rights to license my footage.

Licensing to the individual creator to the largest of media enterprises of stock footage for use in projects as assets for backgrounds, interstitial scenes, and other versatile purposes.

This time-lapse has been recently remastered into Ultra HD, immersive montages.

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Day | Dawn and Dusk | Night

The portfolio video on this website is 81 minutes, edited for time.

Use SkyTimelapse for expanding the visual prowess of your project today to stronger magnitude today.